New Moon poem.

Om ni har facebook, så gilla
'Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever'.
En av användarna till den sidan har skrivit en New moon dikt,
som jag tycker är riktigt awesome! :)
Så här är den!

My eighteenth birthday was a mess,

A drop of blood caused all this distress.

My love decided to leave me

Longing for his company.

Four months long I was half-dead,

Without him there, for he had fled.

What was I to do to mend

The mess of my life together again?

In order to get back on track,

I found my best friend Jacob Black.

But Jacob left, I was heartbroken

Till he revealed the words unspoken

Jacob was not ordinary

He was a werewolf, how extraordinary!

My lover’s voice appeared when I

Broke my promise to him, by

Doing crazy stunts just like

Cliff diving and riding my bike

Alice thought she saw my end,

And rushed to come to Forks again.

When she saw I was alive,

The wolf told my love I didn’t survive.

He could not live, he had said,

In a world where I was dead

He thought I was gone for sure,

And figured his death was the cure.

We raced to Italy to save my man,

To keep him from following his plan.

After the Volturi let us free,

I had my true love back with me!

But how could I let Edward back

When I might love Jacob Black?

Kram Annina.


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